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snowlily's Journal

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I created this journal mainly for the purpose of participating in certain communities - namely rating communities. I have not yet decided whether I will use it for any other reason.


I chose this user name for several reasons:

(1) A character from a story that I dreamed up recently is named Snowlily.

(2) It also refers to one of my favorite fairy tale characters, Snow White. Snow, obviously taken from her name, and Lily from the name of the title character in Snow White: A Tale of Terror (although her name is spelled 'Lilly').

(3) It could also be seen as a reference to the color of my favorite flower (pictured above).

It certainly does not refer to a preference for snow or winter. I'm a Texan girl, so I am used to 90+ degree weather and high humidity. Though I think snow is lovely, I am not very fond of the cold. Rather, I am quite partial to spring. =)


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I am the Marzena Godecki of LiveJournal.